Vintage Pink Damask Tea Party Food Ideas


Instant Party Ideas

Create cute little treats for a VINTAGE TEA PARTY with the following party food menu.

* Jam Sandwiches cut with a heart and flower cookie cutter

* Multicoloured Mini Meringues

* Heart Cookies

*Pink Marshmellows

* Coloured Wafers Dipped in White Chocolate with Pink and Purple Sprinkles


* Macaroon Tea Cups

* Pink Strawberries and Cream Tea Pot Cake Pops and White Chocolate Cake Pops with edible Rose

* Vanilla Cupcakes decorated with edible pearls and roses

* Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks

* Chocolate Cake Pops with Fondant Butterflies

* Darrel Lea Raspberry Chocolates
* Pink Gumballs


*Tea Pot Cookies with White Fondant resting on Pink Sixlets (Chocolate Balls)

* Flower Shaped Shortbread Biscuits

*Raspberry Jelly Lollies

* Musk Sticks and Musk Lifesavers

* Tea Bag Cookies dipped in Chocolate


* Butterfly shaped chicken nuggets

* Mini Spring Rolls

* Mini Quiches

* Cheesy Puffs



* Strawberry Milk

* Pink Raspberry Lemonade