Bear's 1st Birthday Boy Party Food Ideas


Instant Party Ideas

Enjoy making some Bear treats for a Bear's 1st Birthday Boy themed party with the following sweet and savory menu food ideas.



*Blueberry Cupcakes with Blue Coloured Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

* Tiny Teddy Milky Way Cars

* Blue Gumballs

* Gummi Bear Lollies

* Blue and Green Jelly Cups

* Darrell Lea Choc Mint Balls

* Apricot Balls

* Blue Jelly Beans

* Green Apple Flavoured Licorice

* Giant Chocolate Coated Tiny Teddy Biscuits



* Spinach and Ricotta Puffs

* Bear Cheese (use bear cookie cutter) and Crackers

* Ham & Cheese Bear Sandwiches (use bear cookie cutter)

* Mini Sausage Rolls